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Touring Australian Cities

Touring Australian Cities
So rather then repeating myself again here ( please read home page on info regarding touring previously outlined) I will just move forward with touring information on this page. The cities and frequency of my travel really depends on you. I am happy to come to your city, provided deposits are paid and intention to meet me when I arrive is actually a serious proposition.

I cant travel on a ” maybe” and tentative bookings. There are expenses associated with travel, not to mention time, so if you would like to see me, be prepared to put your money here your mouth is with a deposit. 

I will announce tentative tours here. If deposits are not paid before the tour commences, I will have no choice but to cancel the tour. If tours to a certain city are not successful over period of time, I won’t even bother touring that city in the future.

So that is to give you some background info.

Without further ado, below are my touring dates and cities I am excited to start planning and promoting. Please visit my fees section, and get in touch to make a booking to meet me while touring, or alternatively when you are in Melbourne!


I have cancelled all tours. Although I am keen to tour Australian cities, and verbally there is demand for me to tour, deposits seems to not be forthcoming. For me, its complete waste of time, and not worthy of wasting precious time.

All tour cancelled as a result, and won’t be announcing any until the culture of ┬ánot paying deposits for tours changes, if ever.

Happy to only be available in Melbourne in the meantime.

Of course Fly Me To You Option is always available for interested gentlemen. Please inquire directly.

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