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Incall-Outcall Escorts

Incall-Outcall Escorts

The beginning… Incall-Outcall Escorts 15 /20 years ago there was no such thing as Incall Escorts. Escorts were strictly outcall. There is a difference between Incall-Outcall escorts. If there was a private escort who provided an incall location, it was done very...

Why Men Love Dumb Women

Men love  dumb women. It’s a confronting statement for a smart woman. It conjures up all sorts of feelings. We spend our whole life trying to become smarter, more knowledgeable, and it turns out in the end men love us dumb. You may wonder why I say that? It was...
My new voice

My new voice

My new voice. You re probably wondering what this title is all about. And being the very first blog entry in my blog. To be truthful, the blog section of  a website is very important, and on my end, i have ignored it to a large extent. Not any more. My Blog is going...

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