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Adela Blackwood

High Class Escorts are well put together ladies, not just physically, but emotionally and intellectually. A top High Class escort is well educated, travelled, confident, experienced and always professional.

Many today will use the word as a marketing tool, but in reality there are very few high class escorts left. Why you might say? Well to begin with, a high class escort today needs to compete in the digital world with every type of an escort of offer at the click of a computer mouse. And so it has become harder to find a true high class escort. Nowdays, many high end ladies advertise discreetly through Instagram and other social mediums. All have their own websites of course, but finding their websites can sometimes prove tricky. The reason for that is because directories always come up top in search engines because they are very big website, and google gives them priority. If you want to find a private Independent High Class Escort you need to search more intently.

Touring and High Class Companions

Once upon a time, high class escorts used to “tour” but discreetly. They would have their set clients in a few chosen cities and would travel regularly to meet them. It wasnt a huge number, but because their fee structure is high, it was worth seeing only a handful of private clients.

Most high end escorts now only travel by ” fly me to you” requests. Touring is not an attractive option any longer as every class of client will call you asking for ridiculous 30 minute bookings. Regretfully, because so many escorts tour, and offer this, it has made it harder for high class escorts to tour without the same expectation placed on them.

For this reason, I am not a touring high class escort.

Although based in Melbourne, Australia I will only travel by personal request. Fly Me To You as frequently referred to.

If you are travelling to Melbourne on business, I would love to hear from you, alternatively, happy to meet Internationally or Interstate.

Adela Blackwood




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