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Are you looking to meet High Class Escorts? There are many choices worldwide when looking to meet a high end luxury companions. And, Adela Blackwood happens to be  one of them.

As one of the world’s best Independent International Escorts, Adela is in high demand with the International discerning Jetset crowd , from Monaco and Dubai to Manhattan and Tokyo.

She caters  exclusively for discerning, affluent gentlemen who wish to spend quality time with an elegant, upscale, discreet lady. Perhaps you travel frequently, and would like Adela to accompany you on your next visit to Monaco, Cayman islands or Zurich? Maybe you just want to take time out from a busy schedule and relax in the Maldives? Whatever the destination and requirement, Adela can accomodate even the fussiest of gentlemen.

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Hello gentlemen, and thank you for stopping by my page!  Very happy to have come across it!

My name is Adela Blackwood.

Of Australian heritage, I am an International luxury travel companion, frequently jetting off somewhere fabulous to join someone equally fabulous for an intimate memorable trip away.

So the rest of the page is basically littered with text and links to places I enjoy and have been to. This is not only to give you Ideas of where to stay, dine and travel to but for SEO purposes ( I know.boring…but must be done otherwise how will you find this page if not on google??)

In a nutshell, I am a warm, affectionate down to earth lady. I also happen to feel comfortable in a Michelin star restaurant as much as in the provinces of Japan, off the beaten track in search of a gourmet restaurant and sake to discover.

I love art, Fine Art and Performing Arts, and therefore NYC , London and Paris excite me. They have so many cultural events , galleries, and performances to experience. If you are an art collector, we will have a great deal in common. I am passionate about the Ballet, so that would be another.

Self made men I enjoy getting to know. They have a certain energy, natural curiosity I find very appealing..

Old money can be interesting too. There is always something interesting to learn from a gentleman that comes from good breeding.

So, in a nutshell, make arrangements to meet me. I promise a lot of laughter, a lot of affection and even more  memories you will want to repeat over and over again. I am not someone you will easily forget.

At least that is always my aim.

New York High Class Escorts

The Big Apple is a destination I am frequently invited to travel to and I simply adore NYC.  In the past I have spent a lot of time here and so I feel very comfortable at at home in Manhattan. From Soho, Tribeca to Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan, I enjoy the diversity, energy and sophistication of New York and the gentlemen I have met here in the past have been first class gentlemen all the way.

Thank you for introducing me to the Martini  many moons ago, Bergdorf and Goodman, The ballet at the Lincoln centre, as well as the Plaza and St Regis Hotels. The memories have stayed with me forever. Here’s to making more memories in Manhattan!

Dinner Date Escorts

Because I travel for a minimum of two nights / days, there  always is dinner dates involved at least one or two nights. And Manhattan always has exciting choices and possibilities. There is always a new ” happening” restaurant to experience in the city.

My  favourite restaurant in Manhattan is Per Se in NYC, however before you know it there is probably a million other hot restaurants of the moment to try and fall in love with in Manhattan now. I have also enjoyed http://www.lecoucou.com in Soho, and https://www.le-bernardin.com in Midtown Manhattan. That is just a few examples of wonderful restaurants I have experienced, but there are endless other eateries to experience in this vibrant city.

Shopping requires a whole other website… I just have one word..

Fifth Avenue

Harry Winston. I am happiest in Harry Winston.

London Adventures

London is another fabulous destination for terrific restaurants. Of course the vibe is very different in London then it is in NYC, and https://bibendum.co.uk/ is without a shadow of a doubt my favourite.. Its French and has 7 course menu.. enough said there!

Another fabulous eatery which also happens to be a Michelin Star restaurant ( yes I know I was immediately impressed too) is https://www.galvinatwindows.com

It happens to be french and I have a fondness for rich french food, and here is no exception to that rule. The views from he 28th floor are simply breathtaking. Make sure you experience this ambience and delicious meal with me!

Paris Adventures

Let’s move right along to Paris, where the most decadent, extravagant and romantic restaurants in the world are located. The city of love is where I simply get lost in the moment ( and i try very hard not to gain 10 pounds when i am here)

One of my favourite restaurants here is http://www.restaurant-lecinq.com/

It is in a fabulous hotel too, Four Season’s George V, so to kill two birds with one stone, please book here for us to stay. it is a short walk downstairs, and which also means I can mea those super high Gucci heels that I cant walk in but look amazing on making my legs look extra long.

Exclusive International Escort

I could go on and on about restaurants around the world, but I am guessing you are getting bored by now. There are equally nice restaurants in other parts of the world, in particular Hong Kong, Zurich and Cote’ D’ Azur, but wouldn’t you rather we experience them perhaps together? In any case, if you like to travel, and travel well, then we will get along. If you enjoy the company of beautiful women, then we would get along even better.

High Class Escorts company are enjoyed by a very specific gentlemen. I hope that you are one of those gentlemen reading this page and planning a getaway with me already.

Adela Blackwood.

tel: +61 484 372 505

email: daterequest@adelablackwood.com

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