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High Class Escorts
High Class Escorts

High Class Escorts. What actually constitutes this term? It is a hotly debated term on social media by some of the independent escorts. I personally feel its never by an escort that fits that particular term, but the point is the term in itself is subjective.

What is considered high class to one is not to ¬†another. Often, a high class escort is judged by the hourly fee she charges. I personally don’t feel this in an indication of what a true high class escort is. Once upon a time, I too believed that though.

Over time, my opinion has changed on that belief.

To me, personally, a high class escort is someone that firstly, on the outside physical side presents exceptionally well. That does not mean the tight sexy dress. It means you present well for the occasion. Are you going to a five star hotel? If so, dress accordingly not to attract adverse attention. Dress elegantly, yet with a hint of sexiness.


Education. This is an important factor in being a high class escort. Can you hold an interesting conversation with men from different backgrounds? Do you feel in control and comfortable with very successful men, and just as comfortable with a blue collar worker? A high class escorts moves easily and comfortably in all different scenarios and socio economic company. She has an inbuilt way of making all her clients feel comfortable and loved, no matter what background they have come from.

Are you punctual and professional? How is your vocabulary. Are you well read? Do you keep up with current events. Are you always polite no matter the circumstance?

I believe these attributes play a massive part in what constitutes a high class escort.


Interestingly a lot of men and just as many women equate high class escort with high prices. This in reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

The reality is an escort will charge higher rates then the average fee of the city / country to stand out as a ” high class”. In reality, clients will book a lady for visual reasons and price. The higher the price the less work you will get. If your fee is too low, you will need to weed out the time wasters. However, if you nail the price structure in the middle, you will always be in demand as a high class escort. I was shocked how many ” high class clients” will book escorts in the lower price bracket. So, yes, price does make a difference, but not for the reasons most think.

Some escorts also have higher prices because they dont have the time for many bookings. They could be students, have another occupation, many reasons. So maybe they are happy with 1 or 2 bookings per month at the higher rate?

Read between the lines

The truth is, if your fee is within reach, you will not only have regularity, but repeat business. Ladies that bang on about being ” high class escorts” but cant actually deliver the goods, will get booked ( not consistent) but the true test is in the repeat callers.

Someone that ticks all the boxes of a high class escort, with a reasonable hourly fee will always do better then someone that charges a high fee, but cant deliver the goods. Of course, this is just my opinion.


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