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Prices / fees and conditions differ from region to region. When touring in Europe, Asia and the US  min of 2 hour requests are considered. I am sorry I don’t cater for shorter dates in Europe, Asia or US when on tour.

In Australia and New Zealand I have more flexibility. Travel time and expense is less touring Australia and New Zealand, and so, that is reflected in the fee structure.

Pleas note, I only accept bookings with pre paid deposits in place. Very rarely do I have availability for last minute requests without a deposit.  Most of my tours are fairly booked up by the time I leave, so if you would like to meet me when on tour, I strongly suggest to make arrangements in advance.

If you are not comfortable with paying a deposit, I regret that most likely we will not be able to meet. Deposits confirm your legitimacy, and helps with my touring expenses not to mention the fact that I have a confirmed travel itinerary in place when deposits are paid.

My travel destinations mostly for 2020 is  found on my “travel dates” page. Although from time to time, I do add new travel destinations, and sometimes I cancel locations I was planning on visiting. That maybe because I haven’t secured deposited confirmed dates in advance.  In that instance, I swiftly cancel travel plans to that city. And often, I will get calls asking if I have arrived days later.  Only to be told the tour is canceled. Had that same gentleman made a confirmed booking to meet me, I would of kept the tour as planned and not cancelled it. Therefore, the moral of the story?

Make a booking in advance to ensure I will travel to your city.


+61484372505 (Email preferred especially when touring. In future I will not travel with my phone, but always contactable via email with response time super fast)

Incall and Outcall Availability when Touring


1 hour $500

2 hours $800

3 hours $1200

Dinner date $2000

Overnight $3000

+61 484 372 505



New Zealand

1 hour 500 NZD

2 hours 800 NZD

3 hours 1200 NZD

Dinner Date 2000 NZD

Overnight 3000 NZD

+61 484 372 505


Europe | Asia | USA

2 hours:  900 Euro / $1000 USD

3 hours:  1350 Euro /$1500 USD

Dinner Date 1800 Euro / $2000 USD

Overnight 2700 Euro /$3000 USD

note: You can make payment in your chosen currency as long as it is to the same value as USD amount listed.

+61 484 372 505



Fees above are applicable when touring only. Please place your requests to see me when touring well in advance. Below are fees applicable  for “Fly Me to You” option when not touring. Perhaps you wish to meet me at a location when my touring dates don’t work with your dates, and prefer to meet me at a different time. Below those fees and charges apply for such arrangements.

Fly Me To You Rates Worldwide

( fees inclusive of travel expenses)

overnight: $4000 USD

24 hours: $5000 USD

48 Hours: $7,500 USD

3 days: 10,000 USD

Availability is worldwide.

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