New Mailing List

So here is the thing. I had quite a sizeable mailing list, however, who was actually mostly on that list was a mystery to me. I never felt easy about it being so anonymous. What was the demographic of my following? What type of promotions were my subscribers interested in?  Ev n having an idea of  what was the most popular age group?

I simply had no idea.

Also, I noticed a lot of my emails through my send outs didn’t even get opened! Were they going to junk folders? Were they fake accounts? Old accounts?

As a result, I made the decision to delete it completely and start from scratch, but this time, get to know my subscribers, and what they are looking for. Add them to my list manually, rather then anonymously. Please read the below information required to become a subscriber. Then send me an email with your request.

1. Name


3. Phone number ( failure to add your phone number for confirmation, I will simply not add you to my mailing list)

4. Country /city of residence

5. Are you interested in a short meeting, or perhaps a longer one such as a weekend away or longer.



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By clicking enter, I certify that I am over the age of 25 and will comply with the above statement.



Always enjoy responsibily.