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Hello gentlemen, my name is Adela Blackwood. As an International Touring and Travel Escort , I visit many cities and countries worldwide on tour. And, the UK is one of them. Although I mainly tour London, I would love to visit other parts of the country. In fact, I haven’t ventured out further then London at all!

In terms of touring the UK, the majority of demand to meet me has been in London. Would I travel to other cities like Manchester,  Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle , Glasgow and Edinburgh? Absolutely!

I am pretty sure I would travel anywhere within the UK, provided there was demand for me to do so!

I love to travel and explore, and being a touring escort gives me the opportunity to travel to so many different cities I haven’t been to before and meet lovely gentlemen from all four corners of the globe!

Do you know, I hear that the English countryside is gorgeous, and I am shocked that a country gentleman hasn’t invited me to his village yet. England is suppose to have all these Aristocratic huge estates.. and I haven’t been invited to not a single one!! As one of  London Elite Escorts you would think I would have been to several now and have an instagram feed full of pictures to prove it!

Surely there is one or two Dukes, Earls, Viscounts or Barons that are browsing the Internet, and reading my website  in the drawing room overlooking the west wing of their Estate’s Rose Garden? 

Frequently I tour London. When in London I like to stay in luxury hotels like The Dorchester ,The Lanesborough , Mandarin Oriental in Hyde Park , Bulgari Hotel and The Goring.

Yes you are correct, I always stay in exclusive 5 star hotels. That is one of the perks of what I do. Seriously though, I am not going to fly nearly 24 hours from Australia, only to stay in an average hotel. It would depress me enormously. And so, if you were going to step into my  world, it needs to be  somewhere fabulous like the above hotels mentioned. So, discretion is paramount as always and goes without saying.

Beautiful luxury hotels do make me feel special. I like to dress up and  have cocktails in the elegant  bars ( fancy hotels always have elegant bars), and when in London have afternoon tea. It is really a beautiful experience to be able to do tea in the afternoon here. After all it is a famous tradition in the UK! I don’t even like tea, I am a coffee drinker, but I like those little sandwiches and cakes, so I pretend to like the tea and sip it like an expert.

Sometimes, I like to meet my well healed clients for tea and get to know each other socially. I don’t know, I just feel  it is so much more civilised this way.. Because I dress impeccably and very carefully  at all times, you don’t need to  worry no one will question our company. I take particular care to look just right in social scenarios where I do not stand out for all the wrong reasons. No suspenders  in sights, and no cleavage, although you may get a glimpse of it when I bend down oh so delicately to pick  up my napkin I just happened to have dropped. Or perhaps you may get a whiff of my Chanel No 19 fragrance as I  briefly go to the ladies room.

Luxury High Class Escorts Knightsbridge
Mayfair Escorts Elite London Escort
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High Class London Escort

I purposely added a few pics after some lengthily text to see if you skipped the reading and went straight to the pictures..

I dont know, but I hope you read some of the info here too. It may give you a little insights into who I am. Perhaps if you are able to read between the lines , you would come to the conclusion that I don’t take myself too seriously for a start. And that I try to enjoy every moment and every experience that comes my way. I also don’t do anything by half. Travel must always be done in style or not at all. A lot like company you keep in life. If its not interesting and enjoyable it is a waste of time for both of us.

I am a confident woman I must admit. Very rarely do I feel intimidated by a person or a social environment I am in. Experiencing something new is wonderful to me, and I always aim for Interesting over just ” high end”. High end is not always interesting.

Some of you will understand what that means. And the ones that do will usually understand and relate to me very easily.

Let us move the the second most enjoyable thing in my life.


Amber Restaurant at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental
The Alpina Gstaad Room Service Dessert
Ezard At Leventine Hill

Luxury Dinner Date Escort in London

I posted the above 3 images which BTW I took. Yes, I am one of those people that takes pictures of their food. I love good food. It is pure artistry and a privilege to be able to enjoy some of the best restaurants in the world. So let me take you through the three images.

The first one is the most delicious dessert I have ever tasted. It not only looked superb but was incredibly delicious. The venue was Amber Restaurant at the Landmark Hotel, Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong. The restaurant itself was incredibly posh and beautiful. It had ” quiet elegance”.about it…. the best kind. In a wonderful hotel clearly, the interior was very glam, yet understated… But the food was over the top sensational.

The middle dessert was a room service dessert I ordered at 3 am at the Alpina Gstaad Hotel in Gstaad , Switzerland.  We all know room service in hotels is not the best. I mean its fine when your hungry, but its not memorable.

Not at Alpina Gstaad. Without a shadow of a doubt, room service in this hotel was to die for. Along with everything about this hotel. But I couldn’t believe my eyes when this beautiful dessert arrived.  They prepared this  for me at 3 am ( I had one too many martinis and I needed something to soak it up and stop the room from spinning. I figured a dessert was the way to go.. or another martini)

The third meal was at a beautiful A La Carte Restaurant in Australia. It was actually a superb winery, and the winery has a helicopter service  that would bring you to and from the city, and back in time for your afternoon business meeting. Indeed, it was very glam way of arriving anywhere.

The winery is called Laventine Hill and it is based in country Victoria. The food prepared by an award wining chef paired with delicious wine was a wonderful day out.

So, just to let you know, there are hundreds of good restaurants I still haven’t been to and experienced.  I hope that you could perhaps show me your favourite restaurant and introduce me to your world.

Or alternatively, we can experience a new one together.

Nothing like a first experience.

On my wish list for dinner in London ( sometimes you have to hint)

1. Otto’s ( I cant believe I still haven’s been)

2. Locanda Locatelli

3. Dinner By Heston Blumenthal


So, in conclusion, if you have been looking to meet a London Elite Escort… pick me! pick me!pick me! LOL

No seriously, all jokes aside, I am a fun, easy to be with, warm and affectionate lady.

If you would like to get to know me more in person, let’s talk and let’s organise a date to meet in London, or anywhere else in the world..

I have a current passport, and LV luggage and I am not afraid to fly commercial with.

Adela Blackwood

+61 484 372 505

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ps. My third most favourite things to do..

Harvey Nichols

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