Frequently asked questions about spending time with Adela Blackwood are answered below. They are the most common questions asked. This is an important page to go through before sending your questions across to Adela. It maybe the case that any questions you may have are probably already addressed here.

Australian Escorts

Q. Are you an Australian Escort?

A. Yes I am. Heritage is Italian although I group in Australia and indeed call Australia home.

Q. Do you provide an incall in Australia?

A. Yes I do. Please inquire directly.

Q. Do you tour other Australian cities? Are you a touring escort

A. Yes!! I never used to tour, but I tour quite regularly now in most Australian cities as well s Internationally, mostly in Europe as a preference. it depends, I will tour where there is demand for me to tour.

Q. Do you require a deposit

A. Yes I do. I never used to, but due to the high number of cancellations, fake bookings and time wasters, I now do require a 30% deposit.

Q. I dont want to do cash transfer out of my account. Is there any other way of making a deposit without the paper trail?

A. You can walk into a bank and make a cash deposit into my business account. It doesn’t need to come out of your account. But it requires effort to go into a bank branch.

Q. Do you take last minute requests

A. In Melbourne my home city, I will accept last minute bookings, but not when touring. I plan my tours well in advance. I require a 30% deposit to confirm a booking. If I don’t get any deposits for a tour I am planning, I cancel the tour exactly 1 week before travel. There are too many expenses associated with a tour not to be well prepared.

I don’t accept last minute on tours because its not fair to clients that have paid a deposit. and most likely, I wouldn’t have the availability for last minute anyway.

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