FAQ High Class Australian Escort

 Q. What do you wear when you arrive?

A. Depends on many factors. Are we meeting for dinner / drinks? Are we travelling? Are we just meeting in your hotel/ residence? Is it -3 degrees outside?

I dress in an elegant manner. I can be casual, I can be dressed up. If you wish for me to dress in a certain style, please let me know, but as a general rule I dress in a slightly conservative manner but always elegant, with a hint of sexiness.

Q. What is your favourite city in Australia?

A. Perth is actually my favourite city in Australia. I don’t seem to get there often enough though.

Q. What is your favourite city Internationally?

A. This is a hard one.. I like many, but my all time favourites are New York, Paris, Lausanne and Istanbul.

Q. Do you expect a gift when meeting?

A. Of course not. Gifts are never expected, but some men like to surprise you with a gift, and my gift suggestion section is for those men. I cant tell you how many times I have received an email asking me ” I would like to get you a small gift. What do you like? Or ” what size are you”. So instead of asking me, you can discreetly have a look at the gift suggestion page. But please, do not ever feel obliged to get me a gift. Your patronage is well and truly gift enough for me.

Q. Do you provide an incall in Melbourne?

A. Incall stye of bookings are not my preference. I do not provide an incall in Melbourne because those types of requests are usually short booking requests. If you wish to see me for a min of 2 hours + and would like me to arrange a luxury hotel for us to meet in, I am happy to do so, but pre payment is required. $400 is added to the fee to cover the cost of the hotel room ( yes its a decent hotel, I don’t intend to stay in Best Western cheap motel  for 2 + hours )

Q. Do you tour?

A. No. I used to tour before touring was a thing years ago, but not any longer. I am available to meet Nationally and Internationally only on a fly me to you basis.

To request a booking to meet contact me at adelablackwood@gmail.com

Questions you may have..

I posted that image to distract you… just kidding. This section is important, and I do want you to read it before contacting me.. so focus on the text 🙂

Q. When are you available to meet?

A. I am usually not available on short notice, like in 20 minutes time like a pizza order. I have a fairly busy life, with many commitments, and adequate notice is recommended if you want to make sure I am available to meet. Can I sometimes be available on short notice in Melbourne? Yeah sure, but more often then not, I am not available on short notice.

With Interstate bookings, usually 24- 48 hours as a minimum notice is required. Again, the longer notice provided the better for me. Internationally, a weeks notice is a minimum requirement.

Q. What do you do? Do you have a menu?

A. This is a question I seriously hate. It tells me you are looking for a service. A mechanical service. And I am not a service provider. I provide an experience. When this question is asked, I am immediately turned off you. In fact, chances are I won’t even respond to your email because I already know we will not be a good match. You are looking for the most ” bang for your buck”. I cater for gentlemen that are looking for an experience with a woman, and ” services” are never mentioned because he is interested in me as a person and a connection. Someone that asks for a “menu” is looking for a restaurant.

Q. I don’t want to pay a deposit. Can I make a booking without one?

A. No you cannot. Years ago, it was fine to make a booking without a deposit, but today, there are many time wasters, sometimes fellow escorts will make fake bookings with their competitors and without a deposit you are just a talker. And talk is cheap.  If you are serious about seeing me, make a deposit. I don’t want to hear ” Oh I paid a deposit to someone and they didn’t turn up”. It is not me, so it doesn’t have anything to do with me. This is how I choose to operate, and it has worked very well for me. There are plenty of other ladies happy to make a booking without a deposit, and it is those same ladies that complain on social media about cancellations. Its funny, when a deposit is paid there are never excuses like ” I am sick, my dog died, I have a business trip suddenly, etc etc” Arrangements  tend to be smooth when a financial commitment is made. Time is money, and no one likes to waste their time, least of all me.

Q. What deposit  is required with an Interstate Fly Me To You booking?

A. I prefer full payment to be made in advance with airfare payment. Then I book my flight. I will also accept 50% deposit with the full airfare cost prepaid, and balance upon arrival, but if you are asking my preference, it is full payment. Then the business side is removed form the equation and we can just relax and have a good time.

Q. What payment is required with International Fly Me To You bookings?

A. With International bookings, 100% payment is required in advance. I don’t travel Internationally with cash. It is just not practical when entering and leaving countries with border / customs. This is not negotiable. Payment is made via bank deposit / transfer into a Company Account in Australia. You have the option to pay in Australian dollars or US dollars as I have two currency accounts available.

Q. What is the best way to contact you?

A. Email is always the best and preferred way. I receive my emails on my phone so my response time is very good. Refrain from sending vague emails. They only get ignored. Please provide details of a proposed date. Nothing is more irritating then getting a one sentence  email like  ” are you available?”


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