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Why Men love dumb women

Men love  dumb women. It’s a confronting statement for a smart woman. It conjures up all sorts of feelings. We spend our whole life trying to become smarter, more knowledgeable, and it turns out in the end men love us dumb.

You may wonder why I say that?

It was only recently that I understood this.

I am proud of the fact that I have done well in life, and have a great private life as well as professional life. Yet, men find that intimidating. If I was to dumb myself down, I could probably do better, but honestly it would be exhausting to do that.

If a man realises that you have done well for yourself and are independent, secretly they feel inadequate. Intelligence and success turns out is intimidating to a great portion of men.

You see all men like to be the saviour to the damsel in distress who may not be too bright, but she has a great set of tits. They want to get you the best jewellery, the best holiday, the best clothes and the best trinkets. They hate the fact that you may already have them, and worst still that you may have earned them on your own. It makes them feel inadequate, regardless of how successful he may be. It is so strange to me.

If you don’t wear jewellery, he is likely to say ” you need jewellery lets go and buy you something”

If you are wearing Cartier or Harry Winston Jewellery he will not buy you jewellery. I promise you. I have tested the theory many times. Confident, successful women scare men. Confidence and success is not appealing to most men.

The more successful you are the less likely he would be generous with you and even attracted to you.

The dumber you appear the more he is likely to find you attractive.

Smart women are also not easy to walk all over and get away with most of the crap men like to get away with. Come on, admit it, you like to be in the driver’s seat and get away with whatever you want to get away with. A smart woman would never let that slip.

I hate that.

Yes, i know some of you will disagree, but the truth of the matter is I have tested the theory over and over and it comes back with the same result.

Women are the opposite. We love confident successful men. Why do men not feel the same way about successful women?

And still, I find it impossible to dumb myself down to cater to a man’s ego.

How sad is this ladies?

There is only a very small percentage of men that find successful women a turn on. They are usually older, have lived life and find such women a turn on because they feel like an equal to them. They love smart women, and success is usually a bi product.

I love those men.

They know that a smart woman is an asset, not a liability. And sadly, there is only very few men like this out there.

I have only ever met maybe a couple in my lifetime  who were truly confident and happy to have a smart woman in their corner.

In general men like to be the dominant ones ( financially) in relationships. They want to be admired for their success. They want to be the ones spoiling you and you gushing in awe..and being reliant on them.

In many ways, men feel that they have a hold over you when they control the financial balance of power.

Whats this post about you may say?

Not sure.

It was just a recent observation and thought would share it.

Adela Blackwood






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