My new voice. You re probably wondering what this title is all about. And being the very first blog entry in my blog. To be truthful, the blog section of  a website is very important, and on my end, i have ignored it to a large extent.

Not any more.

My Blog is going to be my new social media account so to speak. My new voice. That’s probably funny to some of you, but just think about it.

Social media like twitter is microblogging. Its called micro because you can only use limited characters. The idea to create social media came from blogs. The problem is, we escorts are shadowbanned here ( majority anyway) effectively cutting off our visibility and voice, and allowing us to only converse with a fraction of our followers. Our posts don’t even come up on all our followers feeds. And to be completely truthful, I have had a love/ hate relationship with twitter from day 1. I cant tell you how many times I have closed my account, and reopened it. Despite the fact that social media is not the healthiest place to be at times and even addictive. ( yes, you cant help logging in to see whats going on even when you dont want to)

So, I have come up with a new plan that I am excited about.

From now on, I will post daily in my blog. Instead of tweets, it will be blog posts!  I will then tweet my blog post  to my social media accounts. Hopefully some of you will retweet them if you like them, and in a way, it’s taking power away from twitter and reclaiming it. They can’t shadowban my blog. And by it being retweeted, it cannot affect the person retweeting it because its not a post on twitter itself.

I can say whatever I want and use the word ” escorts”as much as I want without fear of being shadowbanned on my blog. 

Anyway, as an initial post, I am loving my new medium and new platform where I have complete control and a new voice!

Tomorrow will be my first official topic post. Stay tuned.

Adela x


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