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The beginning…

Incall-Outcall Escorts

15 /20 years ago there was no such thing as Incall Escorts. Escorts were strictly outcall. There is a difference between Incall-Outcall escorts. If there was a private escort who provided an incall location, it was done very quietly “hush hush” with a regular client. Majority of escorts that wanted to provide an incalls were in brothels. Escort Agencies only offered outcall. Private escorts were only available outcall.  That is how it was, and it worked very well for privates, escort agencies and brothels. Everyone had their own niche and market.

There were very few Independents back in those days , majority of workers were in either brothels or agencies. I could count the number of privates like myself in that time in Melbourne. The business flourished, and there were no problems because unwritten rules were adhered to by everyone. Today, it’s the wild wild west. You have inexperienced escorts coming in, starting up shop, breaking laws and unwritten rules to undercut each other for a quick buck. And this is why all of you ( including me) are complaining about the industry going in this poor direction.

You have given your power away thats why. Clients all of a sudden have the upper hand. And many of you wouldn’t know the difference because you were not in the industry when it was good.

The Internet

In comes the internet and brothel /agency girls going  private quickly. That’s ok, theres room for everyone,  but they decide that they will offer exactly the same arrangement as a brothel with an incall, and completely change the dynamic to escorting. Clients start to think.. hey this is ok, I can just turn up to some girls apartment or hotel at no expense to me and book for half hour in my lunch break. How good is this?

These escorts made a few bucks initially, and were blindsighted by the big picture, a bit like a casino where you win a few rounds and don’t see the problems you are creating.

Clients decide that incall suits them better, they have less expense as that expense is passed onto the escort out of her money. . These incall escorts think ” this is ok, I can see 5 clients in a quick succession and I have made my money”

But then comes the fact that more escorts start to do this, and that means less clients to go around. Suddenly you are not making as much as you did, and so the cost of an incall is starting to cost you as you are not making enough to justify it. Some days you make nothing, yet you have the cost of an incall. You start to lower the price to get work, and so it goes on and on.

Too late though, you set the stage and spoilt men with providing an incall. You cant take it away now because there are another 100 girls that will provide the same arrangement and for even cheaper price.

 Incall Experiement

I have tried an incall. I only tried it briefly to see if I was missing out on anything.

Turns out I wasnt.

Not only are clients unreliable, It was a complete pain having to maintain an incall. Washing towels all the time, and keeping it pristine for clients that are looking for a half hour quick service. If I wanted to be in a brothel I would be and I wouldn’t have the expense of advertising and maintaining an incall.

Lets not mention the stupid service offered by some also known as ” blow and go”.


Interestingly, I came across high net clients when you offer an incall. Yes, they make a fortune and because YOU the escort has offered an incall, he doesnt need to spend that money on a hotel. And still only book for an hour ( max 2) whereas with an escort booking he would of booked much longer.

Waiting for the phone to ring to schedule  hour or short bookings is not my cup of tea. You have to try these things to know its not for you. It was a short experience, but an eye opener.

Safe to say, I would never maintain an incall.

I have heard of ladies been stalked, robbed, raped and assaulted with incalls. Luckily that never happened to me, but you do put yourself at a greater risk with an incall.


So ladies, if you are wondering why business has changed over the years, providing an incall is one reason. There are many others, but I feel this is one of the biggest ones.

 When you give someone an inch, they naturally want to take an arm.

 If every escort maintained ” outcall as  general rule, incall demand would not expected and demanded. Brothels have forever been frustrated with independents providing an incall because it has taken business away from them. Lets not forget, Melbourne brothels have paid big money for their licenses. It is another reason why many have shut down.


Incall can work if you have lots and lots of regular clients that see you regularly. Today, many clients like to see lots of different ladies. Yes, we have regulars, but I doubt many have enough to say ” I dont need to advertise as I have too  many regulars”

Outcall escorts still get fantastic work, and travel with clients too, but the dynamic has changed. It doesn’t happen as often as frequently as it used to.

Even though it is illegal for an incall in Melbourne, 90% of escorts offer it. Then you have the touring escorts that offer it as well. So, yes it does make it harder on outcall only escorts, but not impossible.

At times when I get half a dozen inquiries for incalls, I do get frustrated, and write a blog about it or rant on social media.

Today I have done both!

Honestly ladies, if you want our business to improve with better quality bookings 2 hrs + you simply have to cut out this babying and facilitating men with an environment to book for a quick half hour and go.

If you are happy with that, then carry on, but I do know many many ladies secretly are not happy with it.

Change only works when you take your power back, and collectively agree to lift standards.

If you are selfish and only think of yourself and a quick dollar you will make today, then that’s on you.

These are just my thoughts. You don’t have to agree with them, but they are my thoughts, posted on my blog.

Adela Blackwood

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