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Fly Me To You is the best way to be an International Escort these days. Once upon a time, touring made sense. You could do that effectively and discreetly, and increase your exposure to good clients. Regretfully, with social media this has become increasingly difficult. Ladies have been stopped at customs ( mostly because fellow escorts have gone out of their jealous way to cause them problems) and so promoting a tour successfully has its own issues.

However, with a fly me to you arrangement, you minimise this issue. Your travel destinations and dates are private, so therefore you can travel with a relative ease. Thats not to say you may not have issues, but they are minimised.

Other attractive reason for a fly me to you arrangement is that you are seeing one gentleman only. You pack and plan for seeing one exclusive client. Automatically, you are more relaxed and at ease. It is a date, not a tour.

For me touring is not overly pleasant. Sometimes, you don’t even get to see a city at all and experience it except for the hotel you are staying in. That’s just geography really. I could be doing that from an incall in my own city without the expense of travel.

Sure, fly me to you arrangement is not for everyone, but I do believe touring makes clients in general lazy. Why fly a lady over if ladies are prepared to foot the bill and expense of travel and then you can visit them in their hotel for an hour? Years ago, fly me to you was the only option you could see a lady from another city or country.

I see of recent times that the arrangement has become more popular with ladies.

At the end of the day, if you want to see that specific lady from another city or county, you will need to dip into your pocket to do so.