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About me

About me Adela Blackwood
Mature Melbourne Escort



  • Name: Adela Blackwood
  • Affiliation: Independent
  • Location : Toorak / Country Victoria ( I divide my time between the two now)
  • Age: mid 40’s
  • Style: Elegant
  • Body type: Slim, petite, natural
  • Personality: You will love me

Happy to share a little bit about myself, but I won’t be adding a timeline to my life and etc. I would of thought its more interesting getting to know each other in person and in private.

So, I am not new to the industry. I have  experience let’s just say.

Having  travelled extensively throughout the world,  Australia has always remained my home and always will be.

I now have settled back in Australia, with my primary focus on availability back in Melbourne. I divide my time between inner city Melbourne and the country and really enjoy my new settled lifestyle.

What do I like?

I feel just as comfortable in a pair of jeans and boots in the country as I do in a cocktail dress in the city. Very down to earth and easy to be with.

Some of my favourite things to do involve the Arts. I like the ballet, live theatre, going to concerts, comedy shows and dinners of course.  Champagne and wine, just goes without saying! I love the country and the sea. I have a particularly affinity to horses these days.  The usual things most normal people like to do. Socialise in good company. I like mature gentlemen. Shy men are also wonderful. When you bring them out of their shell they are so much fun. Someone that has  travelled the map not just read it. I like to be challenged, and I love mental stimulation as foreplay so to speak. Many of my long terms have become dear friends. And it is what I aim for. If you are a gentleman that is looking for something a little more then just the physical, we will be a good match.

If you are a gentleman that has a menu at hand of services you like to have ticked off, we will not be a good match. Its better to state that now, so either of our time is not wasted.

Dinner dates and travelling together is something I thoroughly enjoy and never get tired of. Fees for travel are very competitive, but are not listed on my website. If you are interested in going away for a weekend, or travelling together, even meeting you at your destination, please get in touch. You may be surprised how easy and affordable that can be.

If I sound like someone you would like to know, drop me an email! Lets meet and see where things go.

Adela x



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