Touring Escorts

Touring Escorts

So touring is fabulous, and it is something I enjoy doing , but only if its made worth my while. To tour Nationally or Internationally, I am outlaying a fair bit of money to be  available to meet. There are pros/cons with touring, and unless I am pretty clear with expectations, it really is not worth my while to outlay a large amount of money without an attractive return. There is also time, and being away from your home, family and other responsibilities which you delegate while on tour.

Touring Australia

I am based in Melbourne, and on occasion I will tour other Australian cities. They usually are bigger cities like Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Canberra and Darwin. When not on tour, I am available to meet by personal request, and minimum meeting time is overnight. I tour Internationally once a month to many different location. If you wish to meet me outside of Australia, please visit my international website by clicking here

Terms and Conditions

I usually announce my upcoming tours a few weeks, and sometimes even months in advance. Attempt is made to give you plenty of notice to make arrangements to meet if you have always wanted to meet in the past, or alternatively, we have met and you wish to meet again.

1.Please take note, I do not accept last minute bookings when I have arrived in your city. I never have and never will. This is not fair on the gentlemen that have made the effort to schedule a time to meet in advance. And often, some of you think this is a great way to avoid paying a deposit. Hate to break it to you, but I don’t accept any bookings when touring without a deposit.

2. luxury incall is always available when touring. Outcall is only available within the CBD of any city when on tour as often I am unfamiliar with suburbs in many cities.

3. I do require a 50% deposit. This is not negotiable. Deposits not only tell me that you are serious about meeting me and  to be completely blunt,  a ” time waster” blowing smoke up my a.. but it also helps cover my travel costs for the tour. I have a discreet company account where deposits can be made via bank transfer, or simply walk into a bank and deposit the funds in cash if you prefer.

4. When not touring, I am available to meet you in any Australian city, with overnight arrangement being the bare minimum requirement. Overnight request to meet when not on tour to any Australian city ( even a country smaller city) is $3000. This is an inclusive fee of travel expenses. There are no more additional hidden costs.

5. If you are looking for any natural services, PSE experience, or any dangerous, unsafe practices, please move right along. I have zero interest in that type of experience.


6. Deposits are required to be paid no later then 1 week of the commencement of tour date. If you have failed to make payment by then, I will delete your details, and you will not be given further opportunities to meet. Personally, I do not have a strong tolerance for nonsense, time wasters and make notes for future reference.

7. Once you have paid a deposit, I never cancel a tour. This is one reason why I ask for deposits to be made closer to the date of tour. This ensures I have adequate  requests for a tour  to go ahead. Otherwise, I will need to refund deposits, and it gets too messy.

8. If you have made a deposit ( no later than 1 week of the tour) and decide you don’t want to meet, your dog dies, wife left you, or you got the flu, then i am sorry I do not offer a return of funds. Why? Pretty simple. You made you deposit a week before I arrive. That means my flights, accommodations have all been booked, and your date with me was firmly in my schedule cross referenced by a deposit. The cost i am still wearing, so someone needs to pay for that inconvenience. In fact, I should not need to explain it. Its common sense.

9. If I need to cancel a tour ( I never have so far, but who knows, there would need to be an emergency for that to happen ) I would refund all deposits paid in full immediately to nominated account or method you prefer.

10. I expect discretion as I am sure you do as well. I don’t want to hear about your experience with other touring escorts, as much as I expect you to be discreet and not discuss our time together with any other companion. The unfortunate thing is that this industry is cut throat and competitive.  The reality is that i demand discretion, and would prefer to keep my business, and whom I see private. I know some of you like to gossip so..

Punter Planet Members

11. I have a strong dislike for Punter Planet members, and any review boards. If you are a member of a review board, I would prefer you did not contact me.

12. If you need a menu of services I would cater to,chances are we will not click.   How our time pans out is not dependent on me solely,but  you too. A request for a menu of services is usually met with a curt but very generic response.


13. Needing to secure a booking only after you have read reviews? Again, chances are we will not be a good match. There are some reviews of me on Scarlet Blue  and  The Erotic Review (TER) just off the top of my head, but In general I frown  upon requests for reviews. I am neither a hotel or an eatery to be reviewed, besides experience for every gentlemen is different and therefore cannot be reviewed and guaranteed with every gentleman. This is a typical request from a Punter Planet Review Board member.

Additionally, you have no idea who wrote the review submitted and printed. I have seen and even experienced jealous escorts pose and write malicious reviews of others to hurt their business and reputation. A big chunk of reviews are questionable and if you need a review to make a booking with a lady , then you have serious issues.

Touring Fees within Australia only

1 hour: $400

every subsequent hr: $350

Lunch date: $1500

Dinner Date: $1500

Overnight: $3000


+61407153828 International Website Australian Website