Touring Australia and Internationally

Touring Australia and International Escort

Touring Australia and Internationally

So in 2018 I plan to tour quite a bit Internationally and nationally.

I decided to whip up this post quite quickly while I am having time out before my dinner date in Adelaide. Its interesting. I have advertised my tour to Adelaide for over a month now, and although my tour was comfortably booked up, I did have some available spaces, and none of those times worked for the gentlemen wishing to meet me last minute who waited till i arrived.

Why Pre book requirement?

Pre booking doesn’t have to be the drama some of you think it is. When I announce a tour it is always on the basis that if there are no pre bookings in place, I will cancel the tour. Why you may ask?

I cant speak for other ladies, I can only speak for myself, and explain my reasons. Three main reasons:


Firstly, deposits cover my costs. Airfares, accommodations are expensive, and can run into the thousands, depending on your travel destination. Touring for escorts does expand your client base, but if not done properly, can leave you out of pocket thousands of dollars. I know many of you think this is a hobby, but the reality is that this is a business trip. And expenses before profit need to be covered to make touring a viable option.


There are very few, if any cancellations at all when a decent deposit has been paid upfront. It means you have made a commitment to go through the agreed time to meet. When a deposit is not paid, there are many cancellations. Lets face it, its easy to do. There is always unexpected meetings etc when you are not committed with a deposit. Deposits change that.


One of the biggest problems with touring is other escorts and escort agencies. Believe it or not, some will go to many lengths to ruin your tour with very dubious and underhanded tactics. No I will not list them here, but by having a deposit paid in advance  your  dates are not only guaranteed and verified, but make it t harder for these dubious operators to ruin your tour. I don’t list my International tour dates for a reason.

In conclusion

I like to slip in and out of cities discreetly. When in luxury hotels, I don’t want a” revolving door” to my room. My schedule is not overpacked  to keep things discreet. I don’t give out hotel name unless a deposit has been paid and I know you are a genuine client. I don’t advertise exact dates either, just month Internationally, unless I have verified you. Its a shame we have to go to this extent to tour Internationally and Nationally but such is life. Deposits ensure that I tour often and in many cities. Without deposits, I will just not tour and only be available by personal request.

And that would be a shame.

Adela Blackwood



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