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My home base is Melbourne, Australia.

I divide my time between London and NYC on a regular basis. My work simply takes me there, and I am most frequently available to meet in either location. . I am sometimes available last minute, but this is rare. I prefer some notice, but it never hurts to ask if you are not in a position to provide me with notice.

In Australia, I am available to travel to meet you in Sydney, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin and the Gold Coast by request. Melbourne, being my home pace, I have far more flexibility as travel is not involved.

I am available to meet you worldwide, not just in NY, London or Australia, however those three locations are most convenient for me as I am frequently there. Other travel destinations in the past have included, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore,UAE, The Caribbean, Thailand, Germany,Tahiti and The Maldives.

Asia is certainly a preferred destination, as it is geographically close to Australia, however I do not tour, and would be only available to travel there by arrangement in advance. Please contact me for further information. I would love to hear from you.

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