International Elite Travel Companion

International Elite Travel Companion

International Elite travel Companion
Adela Blackwood in Bora Bora Tahiti April- May 2017


I love to travel. Seriously, I cant get enough of travel. Once upon a time I used to love elegant “things” , these days I have a stronger love for “experiences”, and travel falls beautifully in that category. There are still plenty of locations¬†worldwide i haven’t experienced and seen. And the ones that I have experienced, like Tahiti above, I would love to see again with you.

Travel Escorts are a little different to the traditional expectation of an escort. Personality plays a much bigger part, because if you are not compatible and enjoy each others company, that few days trip away can feel like a month. And no one wants to endure such an experience. Being with a well travelled companion, also helps if you haven’t travelled a great deal yourself and are feeling a little unsure.

When you have found the right Travel Companion, you will want to organise endless trips away together. Let me introduce to an exclusive club. Its a small and very exclusive.


My frequent destinations include:

Tahiti, Maldives, The Caribbean islands [ St Bart’s and Turks and Caicos are favourites], The Bahamas, Monaco, Greek Islands, Cabos, Capri and many other luxury travel destinations.

Some of you would love to visit these fabulous locations, but perhaps due to circumstances, you don’t have a partner to share the experience with. Not any more. There is a solution to every problem, and this problem is a minor one if you have an open mind to new experiences.

My travel fees are not listed here anywhere on the site. Please contact me for further information in regards to finer details. All financial transactions are made in advance so that when we do meet, it is organic and natural as going on a getaway with a special lady.

I am incredibly easy to be with and open to not only having a great time, but making sure our trip together is a trip of a lifetime.

My extensive [ ok and expensive] wardrobe ensures i am prepared  for the beach, yacht, races or dinner

Send me an email, introduce yourself and tell me where you would like to go together.

Lets do this.

Adela Blackwood