International Availability

International Availability

International Availability

Although I am no longer a Touring International Escort this does not mean I am not available to meet you Internationally.

Exception is August 2018, when I will be in Monaco and Switzerland. Contact me for further information if you are interested in seeing me while in am in Europe.

 I am happy to meet you worldwide, provided we are meeting for a minimum of 48 hours when you are flying me in specifically. Shorter time span than that is not worth my while to sit on a plane for hours and hours. Harsh? No but it is the truth. Touring is not a viable option any more as way too many cancellations and time wasters love touring escorts. I don’t wish to put my self in a position where I am financially out of pocket, and having my time wasted. This is the only way I am prepared to travel in the future.

Destinations Available

Frequently I  have travelled worldwide from London to Singapore, and only by request. I am happy to meet you worldwide, provided the destination is safe. Please don’t request I contact you when I am in your city. I don’t do that. As my travel is specific, I usually leave the destination i have travelled to after my date. I don’t call anyone to see if they want to meet me. That is not my style.

Fees and Charges

48 hour date worldwide: $10,000 US ( the fee is inclusive of travel expenses)

The fee above is not negotiable. Your welcome to travel to Melbourne Australia for more affordable rates to meet.International fee does include incidentals, return airfare and must be prepaid.  Some of you have expressed concern I will “run away” with your money and not arrive. Seriously, come on. I am hardly going to retire on 10K or ruin my reputation by not holding my end of our arrangement.

telephone: +61407153828