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Hello gentlemen and welcome to my website. My name is Adela Blackwood. Australia used to be my stomping ground, but  I have decided that was too small of a pond for me to frolic in, and have decided to jump the pond and head to the UK. Well, I am not completely moving to Europe, but have decided to “commute” so to speak. Additionally, when in London, it gives me the freedom to be geographically closer to other countries and destinations in Europe. Australia is a long way away from anywhere ( a previous PM once famously said ” We are the ass end of the world” and he was probably right.

I love living in Australia, but to be frank with you, I have had far more exciting experiences professionally so to speak across the globe then in Australia. And that’s being completely honest. If it means regularly travelling to the UK, then why not? Lucky I enjoy hoping on a plan, and I love adventures, so I am going to start a new one. Its an ambitious plan to relocate myself professionally in London, but I can do it! And if it doesn’t quite work out, well, at least I gave it ago! If you don’t try things out in life, you may one day wonder, what if? And thats something I never want to ask.

Independent Escort in London

I chose London to be my base in Europe for several reasons. Firstly, its english speaking ( I know most of Europe is, but why make your life harder when you don’t have to ) and I know London very well, so its not a completely foreign environment for me. Additionally, London has great restaurants and Harvey Nichols. On top of that, my travels take me frequently to Switzerland, and its a very easy commute from London.

That was an easy decision.

I plan to be in London once a month. I seek the company of discerning ( that word is so overused in our industry but..) discreet gentlemen, looking for high end companionship with a mature lady like myself.

Easy going, warm and affectionate, I am incredibly down to earth. You reach a certain age, and you cant be bothered with airs and graces. it is much easier to just be yourself, and you hope the other person enjoys you being yourself. To be honest, life is just too short for being someone else when you don’t have to be.

High Class Escort in London

I have diversified professionally and do  a great number of other things professionally that give me enormous flexibility these days. The dalliance of being a ” high class escort” is certainly not the only thing that defines me as a human being. I have many layers, but those layers are not something I am going to share on a public forum like a website. The info here is a brief introduction of who I am.

To get to know me intimately, please make a date to meet. I would love to get to know London, or Europe for that matter through your  eyes. There is always more.

London Elite  Escorts

From doing some research, I see London is dominated by escort agencies. Good! I love a challenge! As an Independent Escort , I am not associated with an escort agency in London or anywhere else worldwide. Proudly, I have always been an independent companion, giving me paramount freedom and choice in terms of how and when I make myself available. And most importantly to whom.  Doubt very much I would even be able to adapt to a collaboration with an agency successfully, but being an Independent escort  suits me far better. It always has.

As an Independent , you tend to accept far less requests to meet. You don’t need to accept more because you’re not paying a booking fee to anyone. You get to keep all the money! Additionally, you can afford to be fastidious. If someone doesnt sound appealing ( believe me sometimes requests do not!) you don’t have to accept the date. With an agency, technically you can refuse a date, but if you want to get more dates from that agency in future, Its not recommended you turn down a date. Subtly of course. its never said, it is Implied.

Luxury London Stay

When In London, I will always stay in the best luxury hotels I can afford, usually Mayfair or Knightsbridge. Life is too short to stay in bad hotels and eat cheap breakfast.  We can meet at your place or mine, as long as discretion is exercised at all times. To meet in London, please send me an email with your request. Please visit my fees section first. Highly recommended. No I do not  “discount”, barter or negotiate charges for my time. If its too expensive , Its too expensive. To some , it will be not be expensive enough and a drop in the ocean.

That Is how the cookie crumbles.

PS. My gallery is locked for the time being. I recently cut my hair ( selfie in the fees page) and therefore all my images will need updating at the end of August when I return home from my Swiss adventure.


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